Christmas Cards 2013

With Christmas just around the corner, the cards are ready to be mailed!  If you are interested in purchasing these custom cards, give us a shout!  636-395-0868 All cards are 100% customizable, so if you want to change a color, wording, orientation, etc; just let us know!

Country Christmas

Season's Greetings

Modern Christmas


Winter Wonderland

Chevron Christmas

Classic Christmas

Wrapped With A Ribbon



2014 Seniors: The Sunflowers Are Here!

If you have been waiting for the GORGEOUS sunflowers to make their appearence- the time is NOW!   Sunflowers only last a few days, so make sure that you call us ASAP so that we can kick off your KWP Live It! Collection!

But, hey, you say!  I'm not a senior!  NO PROBLEM!!!  This is a GREAT opportunity for families, kiddos, and pets alike!  Call today- we'd love to hear from you!

Call Today!  636-395-0868

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Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas to all of our KWP Family and Friends!

Well, all of the Turkey day festivities are past, and all that remains are the leftovers (and those pesky few pounds that squirmed their way in!) 

Here at KWP, we are in full Christmas mode- which means it's that time of year for Christmas Cards!  WooHooo!

Each of the cards are FULLY customizeable, so if you want to change the text, the shape, or a background, we can do that!  Once you have your favorite picked out, give the stuido a call (636) 395-0868, and we'll get these back to you  within the week!


1. Candy Cane

2. Urban Christmas

3. A Chevron Christmas

4. Polka Dot Love

5. Wrapped In Ribbon

6. Blue Snow

7. It's The Most Wonderful Time

8. A Classic Christmas

9. Christmas with a Twist

10. Peace, Joy and Love

11. Holly Jolly

Micah B’s Little Bit Collection

One of the things that I love best about being a photographer are the mini-reunions that you get to have!  When Mama Julie called me to let me know that Mr. Micah had joined their family, I was ecstatic!  Julie and I were in 4-H Junior Leaders together (which seems like yesterday), and I had the privilege of photographing her and Nathan’s wedding a few years ago, and it was great seeing them come around full circle.

We started with Micah’s 3 month portrait.  It was a nice fall day in 2011, if not a little chilly, but it didn’t faze him at all!

You can just see how excited this little family is!

As the session wore on, somebody fell asleep- don’t you just love those cheeks?!

Micah’s 6 month pictures landed right around Christmas time- he can almost fit his hand all of the way in!

Merry Christmas for the Birts!

This one is my absolute FAVORITE- isn’t he the cutest?!

Spring rolled around for Micah’s 9 month session, you can tell that personality is shining through!

Love this shot with one of our Teddy Bears!

Because Mamma Julie is a farm girl, and animals are always around, Micah loved the FAKE baby chicks we had at the studio (meaning they are not real and no live animals were present in the next shots) Hey! Where’d my pal go?!


The next shot was a special one for the Vanhook family.  The suit was made by Micah’s great-grandmother, for his Uncle Brice, and Julie made the tie to match.  I love the timeless feel of this portrait- so much so that it’s now a gallery print in the studio!

It always amazes me how fast the first year goes by!  Before we knew it, Micah was back to the studio for his first birthday- with news that he is going to be a Big Brother!  One of the things Micah loves to do is give out kisses!

Ever the country boy, he loves being outside!


And what’s a first birthday without a cake?

A new addition to the smash cake- a bubble bath!

Happy birthday, Micah B!  It was a blast working with you on your first year- and congratulations to Julie and Nate on your expanding family!  Much love!

Classen Newborn Session

A few years ago, my cousin Misti and her husband Dale, welcomed triplet baby boys into the world.  I worked with them on a 3 month session, and she was excited to tell me about her plans of a lion, a tiger, and a bear Halloween costumes that she was planning for.  I had an idea then, but because of time restrictions, we couldn’t get the shot together.  You can follow her blog here:

I love reading her “adventures” in raising three VERY active babies.  She was an inspiration, and I was excited to be able to apply this idea to a new client!

Another cousin Cathy, or Cathy #2, as her friends at work call her, (Don’t try to keep track of how many cousins I have, there are WAY too many to count!) called me up a few weeks ago to let me know that her friend Kathy #1, ironically, just had triplet grandbabies enter the world.  I was so excited to talk with Lindsay and Dan, the proud (and very tired) parents of these adorable babies, and to start planning their sessions. 

Newborn sessions are one of my favorite sessions to shoot, although one of the most difficult.  These three loved being snuggled up together, but we wanted to showcase each individually as well- first up is Mr. Oliver

Followed by Mr. Tate

With Mr. Dax bringing up the end

Mamma Lindsay was chilling out with Oliver on a bench, and the moment was too perfect to not add in her other buddies

At this age, being able to ‘comfortably’ hold all three little guys at once is a fleeting moment, so Dan was a trooper when he worked with me on this beautiful portrait

Going with the inspiration from Misti, we decided that we would do a theme of 3 for each of the sessions through the first year.  First up:

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub, a butcher, a baker, and a candle stick maker!

Now folks, make sure your seatbelt is fastened- we’re about to crank up the cuteness!  These are some of my FAVORITE images from the session

You can imagine with three little ones some help is required, so it was an honor to meet Cathy #1 this day.  She and her husband, along with Dan’s parents, take shifts to care for the babies.  I LOVE this series of her with Lindsay and the boys

Dan and Lindsay, thank you so much for allowing me to work with your family on such a momentous occasion, Oliver, Tate, and Dax are beautiful, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year will hold!  Congratulations on your new additions to the family!

Amy's Live It! Collection

              Often, I am blessed to have new friends enter into the KWP family.  But, there are some families that I instantly connect with, that humble me in ways that I can never explain.  One such family is the Rogers.  Mama Roger, Sandy, called to inquire about our senior packages after having seen some of our work from past clients.  We set up a time for her and daughter Amy to come meet with me for a consultation at the KWP Photo Hut.  We instantly hit it off and I soon discovered that Amy has what some refer to as an “old” soul.  For those of you that don’t know what that is, the simplest definition would be that you are more mature and wise for your age.  She always has a wonderful smile on her face and a laugh to go with it, coupled with a beautiful outlook on life. 

After discussing what Amy enjoys and her style, it quickly became apparent that the KWP Extreme Collection would best fit Amy.  We chose to go to the Botanical Gardens, a hidden part of a wonderful park, and the City Diner- we may have been exhausted when we finished, but it was a day that neither I or the Rogers will forget anytime soon. 

Every once in a while, there is a story from a session that I have to share- this actually came from Amy’s image delivery.  When Sandy opened the front door- she not only greeted me but also the bird that was nesting in wreath attached to the door.  It was then that craziness ensued.  For those of you that don’t know- if this ever happens turn out all of the lights in the house, except for one by a door, and that is where the bird will naturally fly to.  But, as was the case with the Rogers, it may take a while to literally knock some sense into the bird.  We chased it through the dining room, into the formal living room, up the stairs, and finally out the door- needless to say we were all rolling with laughter that evening.

I simply adore Amy’s Live It! Collection, and I hope you will too.  A warm hug goes out to the Rogers Family, I am so happy to call you friends, and I look forward to spending more time with you in the future! 


The Ultimate Prom Experience, Images Revealed!

The Ultimate Prom Experience was a HUGE success!

The day was gorgeous, but that was no match to our "Celebrities" of the night!  Everyone was decked out and looking their best, and the whole event went smoothly, with minimal glitches- just the type of event that I LOVE to work with!

The day was definitely a celebration of life and friendship, and the guests that we had in attendance were ecstatic for prom night.  Both our recipient Jenna Friedel and her friend, Olivia, were, of course, beaming.  From our Red Carpet Premiere, to the 50's themed ice cream social, and the exciting poses in New Town at St. Charles, these Prom-Goers never stopped laughing.  

With a event of this magnitude there are many volunteers and supporters!  A BIG thank you goes to Carrie Weber, Anne Chelland, Monica Buehrle, Julie Buehrle, and Fay Connoyer for their countless hours of support, helping organize, and decorating.  To the Friedel Family for helping sundaes, serving, and being absolutely wonderful.

And of course through the donations from our wonderful sponsors!
Kay Web Photography
New Frontier Bank
Presidential Limousines
State Farm Insurance, Kevin Pierce
OK Novelty
The Wedding Gallery
Parkview Gardens
The Tan Co.- Elm Street Location
J Hair Gallery
BT Nails
The Buehrle Group
Joe and Lauren McKenna
Weber Brothers Farm

So, without further adieu:


To view and order images from this event please visit our website: